Hole 10
Romsey Collision Centre

Hole 10 Par 4 Blue tee 360m White tee 355m Red tee 346m Romsey Collision Centre Another elevated tee and wide fairway. Sparsely treed on either side but a clump of trees lies on the right as you approach the...
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Hole 11
The Wood Bloke

Hole 11 Par 3 Blue tee 192m White tee 187m Red tee 145m The Wood Bloke A straight hole to flattish green protected by grass mounds on right. OOB 25m to the rear of green.
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Hole 12
Grieve Parade Motors

Hole 12   Par 4 Blue tee 372m White tee 350m Red tee 340m Grieve Parade Motors Straight tee shot to a wide, lightly tree lined fairway. The boundary fence (OOB) on the left runs the entire length of this hole....
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Hole 13
Shell Lancefield

Hole 13 Par 5 Blue tee 492m White tee 487m Red tee 360m Shell Lancefield From the blue and white tees, the pine plantation is on the right. The ground rises to the fairway commencing at 120m, level with the...
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Hole 14
The Lancefield

Hole 14 Par 4 Blue tee 372m White tee 365m Red tee 332m The Lancefield Blue and white tees overlook this wide sloped fairway. The red markers are further forward, slightly to the right. The fairway has a slight dogleg...
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Hole 16
Lancefield Healthy Meats

Hole 16 Par 3 Blue tee 158m White tee 153m Red tee 148m Lancefield Healthy Meats Straight hole to a flat green with steep drop-off all the way on left (including the side of the green). Tree’s to rear and...
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Hole 17
Bendigo Bank

Hole 17 Par 4 Blue tee 334m White tee 329m Red tee 306m Bendigo Bank From the raised tee a wide fairway is lined by a dense pine plantation on the right and is lightly treed on the left. The...
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Hole 18
Strange Corporation

Blue tee 137m White tee 132m Red tee 126m Strange Corporation Straight hole with a gently rising fairway to an elevated green which has a sharp drop of approximately 1.5m on its right. Lightly treed on left and behind the...
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