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Local Rules

To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf

    • The pines on the 12th /13th, 15th and 17th are all G.U.R. Free relief may be taken at point of entry to the pines. HOWEVER the pines on these holes have been classified as being a safety hazard therefore entry is prohibited.
      If you retrieve your ball from within the pines it is THEREFORE a breach of local rule 10.2, incurring a 2 shot penalty.
    • The pines on the 8th hole, however, have been deemed safe and are therefore now in play. You do not receive relief at point of entry on the 8th hole.
      IF your ball comes to rest in the piles of branches in the pines it is not GUR or Green keepers rubbish.  It is classified as an UNPLAYABLE LIE therefore Rule 19 applies.
    All grounds beyond the club’s boundary fences.

  • G.U.R.:
    Areas marked by white stakes or white lines, flower beds (tees), all new works, roads, pathways, drains (unless staked), bare patches in general areas cut to fairway height or less (greens & surrounds) are to be treated as G.U.R.

    Penalty areas are defined by either Red or Yellow stakes (See relief options Rule 17.1d)

    • Stroke & Distance: Replay the ball from where the previous stroke was made (Rule 14.6)
    • Back on the Line: Choose reference point where the ball last crossed the penalty area, there is no limit on how far back on the line the relief point may be.  The relief area must be in a direct line with the reference point chosen and the flagstick.
    • Lateral Relief (Red Penalty Area Only): The relief area is two club lengths from the reference point chosen beside the Penalty Area. The relief area (dropping area) is within one club length from the point chosen, no nearer the hole.

    If a sprinkler (within two club lengths of the green being played) intervenes on the line of play, relief may be taken (without penalty) within one club length of the obstruction.

    If a staked or planted tree (under two club lengths in height) interferes with a player’s stance or intended swing, the ball must be lifted and dropped (without penalty). The relief area (dropping area) is within one club length from the point chosen, no nearer the hole.
    Motorised carts MUST NOT be driven in to the surrounds areas of all greens and must remain ay least ten metres from the green at all times.  They are to be parked at the exit side of the green which is towards the next tee and not parked directly in front of the green.
    Carts are not to be driven down the middle of the fairway.  They should be driven on the edges of the fairway/rough at all times, crossing fairways only when absolutely necessary.
    Carts are to be parked on the fairway edge and players MUST walk to their ball to play their shot/s.PENALTY FOR BREACH OF LOCAL RULE/S:
    STROKE PLAY: 2 Strokes    MATCH PLAY: Loss of Hole