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Contact the club on 0477 330 438 or via the contact form on the home page

Please note that all new memberships will incur a $20 administration fee – and that they are also on a pro rata basis

Full (7 day) $540
Full /Partner $1000
Distance (+ 25km) $360
Weekday (5 day) $405
Associate $180
Student/Apprentice $180
Junior (under 18) $70
Summer (Oct. – March) $270

Direct Debit facilities available by arrangement

Payment Plans available by arrangement

Membership application

Download the file, complete all the details and submit it to the club. You can use the course from the day your application and payment is received, but you will not officially become a member until approval by the monthly meeting of the Committee. The club reserves the right to reject any application for membership without giving reasons, and will refund fees where this is the case.

LGC Membership form